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Find Premium Crystals and More in Midtown Manhattan

Rock Star Crystals NYC is a jewelry and crystal store located in the heart of midtown Manhattan! We pride ourselves on offering New York City's premier collection of crystals, fine minerals, mineral specimens, rocks, rough rocks, raw crystals, stones, raw stones, raw gemstones, gemstones, jewelry, fossils, meteorites, shells, and metaphysical tools.

Our Diverse Collection

With three decades of expertise, we're your trusted source for quality and authenticity in the world of crystals and minerals. Explore our diverse inventory, featuring:

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Elevate your style and energy with our stunning selection of crystal and mineral jewelry pieces.

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Experience the beauty and power of nature's creations with our wide range of crystal specimens.

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Witness the wonders of the earth with our extensive collection of mineral specimens from around the world.

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Healing Crystals

Enhance your well-being and vitality with our carefully chosen selection of healing crystals.

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Experience the unparalleled selection and expertise at Rock Star Crystals NYC, home to the largest inventory of crystals and minerals in New York City. From rare specimens to everyday favorites, our store offers something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Find out why ROCK STAR CRYSTALS has HUNDREDS of 5 STAR REVIEWS and THOUSANDS of followers across the net!

Krysten V

This place rocks!! *no pun intended* Friendliest staff, great energy, sooo many options. Really impressed with the diversity of crystals and stones. Really something for every price point. Multiple sizes of same stones from $1 to $15 per piece, towers of varying price ranges as well. For being in the heart of NYC, very accessible both financially and geographically. So glad I went to this store. Thank you so much!

Relax Spa

Very knowledgeable staff and amazing collection of Crystal's from all over the world. Priced reasonable for the quality. Great experience and for all ages, just handle with care. Been back 3 times and love this place.

KittiE K

The gentleman there was sooooooo nice!! Very knowledgeable.

Adati T

Very cool crystal place! They have an extensive selection of stones and also jewelry made with stone. Great location to purchase gifts for loved ones.

Nicholas L

Stopped in on a whim yesterday and found the most gorgeous piece of tumbled pyrite. So happy to have discovered Rock Star Crystals! Wonderful selection, beautiful shop, lovely energy as I browsed the store.

Mel Local Guide·15 reviews·22 photos

Love the vibes in here, great place to get crystals at an affordable price. It ranges from low to high but there’s something for everyone! I appreciate that they properly label actual authentic crystals and their properties.